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Life can be painfully slow without a washer or dryer in your home. They have become must-have appliances for any household these days. Have you moved to a new home and need to find a suitable place to install your washer and dryer? Are you planning a home improvement and want to include or change the location of your washer and dryer? Maybe you want to add or change the location of your laundry room. Whatever your reason for wanting to install or move a washer and dryer, you will need the services of a skilled Sacramento electrician for proper installation, wiring and plumbing that will be up to code and pass inspection. The bonus in choosing us is that we also know plenty of general contractors who can complete the remodel aspect as well. Here is what you need to know about washer and dryer installation and how to choose the best electrician for your Sacramento residential washer, amp and dryer hook up.

Monsters Electric gives highest priority to safety and to the durability of materials when it comes to our electrical wiring and installation services in Sacramento homes, including washer and dryer hook ups. We refuse to compromise the quality of the products we use or our adherence to required Sacramento safety and standard codes. We know the cost and danger associated with careless mistakes in residential electrical, even for washer or dryer installation, so we are more cautious than you or a handyman would be when performing any electrical service.

Don’t worry if you haven’t found a place in your home to install your gas or electric washer and dryer. All you need to do is call the professionals at Monsters Electric. We know licensed Sacramento general contractors who can not only help with the electrical aspect, but also gas, plumbing and construction. We can meet with you to discuss our full-service capabilities at a time of your choosing. Once you meet with us and approve the work, you can relax while we complete the job of creating the perfect space and installing your washer and dryer as quickly as we can.

All services by Monsters Electric come at competitive rates. Call us to find out how we can help you with your Sacramento residential washer and dryer hook up, among other services. It is our pleasure to help.

Electric Washer and Dryer Hook Up %%city%%
Electric Washer and Dryer Hook Up %%city%%
Electric Washer and Dryer Hook Up %%city%%

If you already have a place in your home that has washer and dryer hook ups, the hardest part is over. Sacramento homeowners often get conflicted when trying to find the best location for their washer and dryer if there isn’t an existing laundry room with connections already in the home. You can install your washer and dryer in your kitchen, basement, closet, bathroom or even garage, depending on the layout of your home and the availability of electricity and/or gas for washer and dryer hook ups. When deciding where you want to create your laundry space, you should consider factors like your lifestyle, the quantity of laundry you do, the amount of space needed for the accumulation of dirty clothes, laundry supplies, etc. In deciding the best location, you should also ensure that there is a proper supply of hot and cold water, electricity, and a means for water to drain and the dryer to vent to outside the home.

According to the latest National Electric Code, you should have a 20 amp circuit in your laundry room for the uninterrupted functioning of your washer and dryer. Your washer and dryer work with a dedicated electric circuit of 120V. If you have an electric dryer in your Sacramento home, it should have an electric supply of 240V. Moreover, the circuit should have a GFCI protector, according to the standard code. GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter and it is a major type of electric outlet that comes with extra protection.

Washers and dryers help you bring down your out of the house errand workload and make your life easier. However, the cost of installing washer and dryer hook ups may go beyond your home improvement budget. The cost of electric washer and dryer hook up depends on several factors, including your requirements or needs. For example, if you want to relocate an existing washer and dryer to an area that does not have water drainage, it will mean extra cost. That cost will include installing electric outlets and other wiring, upgrading the electric panel, labor costs, plumbing work if needed, and approval from the local authority, among other things.

Are you wondering how to install your washer and dryer hook up? It is a job that requires a variety of skills. You need to know a few basics about electric work, a little bit of plumbing, the how-to’s of carpentry and you need good common sense. Setting up hook ups for washers and dryers is best left to experts or else it may lead to safety issues or damage to electrical appliances.

Moreover, different models of washers and dryers might vary slightly in their installation process. Your best bet is to hire a professional Sacramento electric technician for your washer and dryer installation service.

You may read DIY guides or see videos online and feel like you don’t need the services of an electrician or plumber for your washer and dryer installation but hiring a pro for your Sacramento residential washer and dryer hook up can reduce the stress of the job. It is highly risky to do electric or plumbing repairs yourself and it is recommended that you hire the service of a licensed electrician in order to ensure safety. Luckily, Monsters Electric can help you handle both the electrical and plumbing needs related to your installation.

Most homeowners don’t know the potential hazards that can arise from unprofessional installation of washers and dryers. It is always best to work with professionals for both electric and plumbing as it will help ensure the code of standards and safety. An error in the electric works now can turn into a deadly mistake later. It may reduce the life of your appliances as well. When you are confident that your washer and dryer are properly installed, it will save you time and most importantly, it will help free you from a headache in future. If there is any issue, our work comes with a warranty.

If you are in search of a reliable electrician for hooking up your washer and dryer, Monsters Electric would make a great choice. We are a team of professional electricians offering reliable services in Sacramento residential washer and dryer hook up. We are readily available to give you trustworthy services in all types of electric installation, maintenance and repair services at affordable rates.

If you are wondering what makes us the best choice for residential washer and dryer hook ups in Sacramento CA, it is because of the dedication we offer to our clients. We are available to meet with you at a time convenient to you; we never give you an unexpectedly high bill because you know the anticipated costs in advance; our services are affordable and you can be sure about the superior quality of our service.

Our team includes seasoned electricians who know the ins and outs of electrical work in Sacramento. We have years of experience in electric work with thousands of happy clients in the Sacramento area. Our crews are better-informed, thoroughly trained, courteous in behavior, and experts in electrical work. They never leave a mess behind for our customers to clean up, unlike many others.

Electric Washer and Dryer Hook up in Sacramento

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