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Are you obsessed with home improvement? Are you admired as an expert in space management who does not have a single area of the house that doesn’t serve a purpose? Are you upset about the lack of sufficient electric outlets in your newly purchased home or office space? If so, you may need the service of a Sacramento electrician trained in outlet installation. As important as your reason is for wanting an electric upgrade, it is equally important that you get it done professionally and according to current codes.

You can end your search for residential electric outlet installation in Sacramento, as Monsters Electric is only a phone call away. We offer trustworthy and reliable services at competitive prices. Call us and schedule a convenient time for us to meet with you to discuss your electrical needs, provide a bid and install outlets or provide any other electric service for your Sacramento home.

We are happy to talk with you about Sacramento residential or commercial electric outlet installation services at competitive rates and with superior quality service. Call us or email us anytime through the ‘contact us’ form. For us, no job is too small.

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Why should you hire an electrician? If you are thinking you can simply go through a dozen online DIY videos and know everything you need to about jobs such as electric outlet installation, you are kidding yourself. Performing a successful and safe electric installation or repair requires a clear knowledge of how electricity works and experience working with it, as it can be deadly if done incorrectly even once. Some things are better left to professionals. Electricity is definitely one of those things where you should hire an experienced and licensed Sacramento technician. A licensed professional can ensure compliance and safety for your home and electric appliances. A skilled Sacramento electrician will also know the current code standards for residential electric repairs and installations. This will spare you any headaches that may arise out of trying to tackle it yourself or allowing an untrained handyman to try. Moreover, there are many things you should know before installing or upgrading any electrical outlet in your Sacramento home.

Electrical outlets come in a variety of different styles. Before your hire a Sacramento contractor to install your electric outlet, you need to understand the different types of electric outlets and determine which one is the best for your needs and your wall. Here are the major types:

  • GFCI outlets: GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter and is one of most common types found in homes. The specialty feature of the GFCI outlet is that it has the ability to shut off the power circuit when current flows through an unintended path. When there is a short circuit or ground fault, the GFCI outlet shuts off the power and helps protect your device and home from danger. Because of its function, it can be a bit expensive. However, it is the required outlet for kitchens and bathrooms in homes.
  • ACFI outlets: ACFI stands for Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter. As the name suggests, it protects from ‘arcs’ which happen when electricity jumps from one wire to another all of a sudden. The ACFI is similar to the GFCI outlet in appearance but the ACFI is used mostly in homes in the circuit breaker box. Some older homes do not have any ACFI outlets, but it is better to install them, as they can protect you from arcs in the whole circuit.
  • 20A outlets: 20 A outlets, short for 20 amp outlets, are capable of handling 20 amps of electricity each. These do not offer any of the power shut off protections of the first two outlet types, but the 20 A is one of the most common kinds of electric outlet used in the kitchen, wash area, bathroom etc. It is best in instances where you use electric appliances that have higher power consumption capability.
  • Switched outlets: Switched outlets allow you to plug two devices into it at the same time. Switched outlets are also called half-hot outlets. This is a duplex outlet in which half of it is hot all the time while the other can be managed by a normal switch on the wall.
  • Other outlets: There are other types of outlets such as very modern smart outlets, USB outlets, and 15 A outlets that each has its own specifications and uses. The best way to understand electric outlets and pick the right one is to talk to a licensed electrician. Monsters Electric can help.

Your projects go more smoothly with assurances of safety if you bring in a professional to manage your electrical needs. In order to keep your home safe from preventable electric fires, it is essential to monitor and upgrade your electric outlets as needed, especially if you are living in an old home. You need to be confident of the safety of your electric outlets and wiring. Outlets must be upgraded according to the standards of present codes in order to assure safety. Faulty outlets need to be repaired to reduce the risk of electrical fires in the home.

Damaged or unprofessionally installed electric outlets are also at risk. It is highly recommended that you or a professional inspect the electric outlets in your home from time to time so you can avoid the possibility of electric shock or short circuiting. Of course, it is always better to hire the service of a licensed electrician for inspection, maintenance, and installation of electric outlets, as it ensures your safety.

Monsters Electric is the right service provider to call for reliable electric outlet installation services in your Sacramento home. We have a team of excellent electricians who are dedicated to giving you the best quality services in residential electric. We offer all types of electric installation, maintenance and repair at affordable rates. Our workers each have years of experience and hundreds of happy clients throughout the Sacramento area. They are better-informed, thoroughly trained, courteous in behavior, and experts in providing quality work. We make a great choice among residential electrical installers in Sacramento CA because of the superior onsite and customer service we offer to our clients. We schedule our visits to your home at a convenient time for you and we never shock you with an unexpected high bill.

Monsters Electric services are affordable with no hidden charges. You will know the projected costs before we start and will be apprised of any necessary unforeseen changes before we continue, should an issue arise. You need not worry about price or safety when choosing us for your residential electric installation or repairs. At Monsters Electric, we place high value on safety that extends to choosing durable products when we undertake electrical work. We use products that are high quality and we never compromise on attention to codes and safety when it comes to working with electricity. We will not be satisfied with shabby work. We understand the cost of a careless mistake in residential electric work, so we are proactive in our approach. Customer satisfaction is given our utmost consideration and we make sure there is no mess left behind for you to clean up when our electric installation or repair crew leaves.

Electric Outlet Installation in Sacramento

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