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Are you a Sacramento resident looking for electrical installation services for your home or business? If so, give us a call. Whether you are moving into a new business space or are looking to modify an existing home, you will need the assistance of qualified electricians to get your wiring installation done in a completely hassle-free manner. The team at Monsters Electric is one of the most trusted service providers in the Sacramento area.

Electrical services need to be done by professionals only or problems could arise in the future from going with inexperienced electricians. Our experienced and skilled team of residential and commercial electrical workers is well aware of the best tools and methods for getting your Sacramento properly wired and well connected in a safe and secure manner. Monsters Electric works with a passion for making sure your electrical outlets, lights, appliances and other devices are easy to use, safe, and priced reasonably. Our professionals are ready to serve you for any type of residential or commercial electric work.

The team at Monsters Electric is experienced in replacing age-old wires, upgrading lighting, and in upgrading and installing new electric panels. We strictly follow Sacramento safety standards and requirements in all our work because we care about your safety.

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Install Residential Electric %%city%%
Install Residential Electric %%city%%

Our electrical experts receive regular training to stay updated on technology and products that can be implemented to better serve our clients. We are dedicated to our clients and believe in working closely with them to get a clearer understanding of their needs.

Because we are not willing to compromise our work quality, our supervisors keep monitor the quality of service our electricians are providing to our clients. We take client complaints very seriously and do all that we can to get issues resolved quickly. We welcome feedback from our past clients and stay in contact in case any issues arise after completion of our electrical installations or repairs. Much or our work is warrantied, and we are happy to revisit at no cost.

We receive quite a bit of new businesses just through referrals from previous clients. Whenever possible, we ask that our clients review our electrical work once it is complete so they can verify everything is fully functional and according to scope, and that they are completely satisfied. Customer satisfaction matters to us and we want to make each happy client a return client as well, and one who will gladly refer us to friends and family.

Hire Monsters Electric for your next electrical installation Sacramento.

Are you searching for the best electric installer in Sacramento? You are in the right place. Monsters Electric is a respected Sacramento service provider, known for providing the best quality in services, including electric outlet installation. If you are constructing or renovating a home or business, you will need professional assistance to get all your electric wiring and installation completed correctly and safely. For that, Monsters Electric is the perfect choice to provide top quality electric installation Sacramento.

Monsters Electric has a team of dedicated professionals who provide excellent service at competitive rates for Sacramento. We value customer satisfaction above all and strive to provide our clients with only the best quality services and customer care. With our amazing electric installation Sacramento, our crews have shown builders over and over again that they made the right choice in going with us for their electrical installation needs.

Introduction to Monsters Electric - Sacramento Electric Installation

Installation of an electric outlet may not look like a difficult task, but if you don’t know what you’re doing you could end up hurting yourself or causing a short. Doing it right takes training and experience, so for the safety of yourself, the property you’re working on and its electrical appliances, it is best to hire a company that provides Sacramento with reliable and safe electric installation services. The challenge is in knowing which company to choose, as there are so many in the Sacramento area. Of course, we hope you’ll hire Monsters Electric! We believe we are the best Sacramento commercial electrical installers because we have a terrific team of skilled courteous professional electricians dedicated to offering nothing but the best electrical installation Sacramento. Each of our team members has been in this profession for a long time and has the required training as well as experience to provide our customers with amazing services at competitive Sacramento rates.

Monsters Electric provides the best commercial services without loopholes or hassles. In our approach to staying the best commercial electric installation in Sacramento, our goal is to consistently provide the utmost customer satisfaction to all our clients. We offer a range of electrical and other commercial contracting services and have been able to create relationships of trust with all our clients, who in turn call us back for new projects. We are there for our clients and schedule our services at times that are convenient for them. We are quite affordable for Sacramento given all the extra attention we offer.

The local power company is responsible for taking the community electric supply source to just outside your residence. From there, it's your responsibility to take their connection to the main switchboard of your home. You could take your chances at doing it yourself and risking injury, or you can rely on the professional residential electrical services offered by Monsters Electric of Sacramento.

At the main switchboard, wires are connected to support electrical loads for devices like fans, room coolers, lights, refrigerators and computers. Sacramento residences need different types of wiring for connecting loads to mains, which can also be used for the wiring of your home’s electric as well. Some of the wiring systems used in Sacramento residential electrical installation includes:

  • Cleat Wiring: This is an older version of electric wiring wherein porcelain, wood or even plastic cleats are fixed onto walls or ceilings with a certain gap. Your Sacramento electrical service passes PVC insulated cables through holes of every individual cleat and wire is held by a cleat. This is one of the most inexpensive methods and can only be used for temporary outdated installations and not for permanent contemporary residential wiring needs.
  • Casing and Capping Wiring: For this wiring technique, residential electric cable passes through a wood casing that has grooves. The wood casing is a specific required length with parallel grooves for accommodating cables. Screws are used to fix the wooden casing to walls or ceilings. Once the cable is placed inside the grooves, the cap, also made of wood, is placed on as a cable cover. This is an affordable method for cheap wiring for Sacramento but is risky and may lead to short circuits if not done by professionals.
  • Conduit Wiring: When working on this type of electric wiring system, Monsters Electric passes PVC cables through either PVC conduit or steel conduit pipes. There are 2 types of conduit wiring. One is surface conduit wiring and the other is concealed conduit wiring. When conduit pipes run along the wall surface or ceiling, it is called surface conduit wiring. When conduit pipes run right into the wall or ceiling surface and are then covered over with plaster or sheetrock, it is called concealed conduit wiring.
  • Batten Wiring: In this wiring technique Monsters Electric runs insulated wires through straight battens made of teak wood. The wooden battens are then professionally fixed to ceilings or walls with use of screws and plugs. Cables then get fitted onto the battens with the use of clips made of a tinned brass link. Rust-resistant nails are used for fixing the clips to the batten. When you compare this technique with other wiring installations, you will find it is more affordable and less time consuming for installations. This technique is one of the best choices for indoor electric installation Sacramento for your residential units.

Monsters Electric is one of the most trusted and well known residential electrical services in Sacramento. We promise to deliver only the best service to our clients. Our office staff wants to hear from you to schedule an appointment to visit with you toward getting all your required electrical installation work done at your residence in a completely hassle-free manner.

Why hire Monsters Electric, your residential & commercial electric installation Sacramento?

Monsters Electric is an excellent choice is you are looking for trained and reliable Sacramento commercial electricians. We have a team of polite and skilled employees who always provide their best to clients at competitive rates for Sacramento electrical work. Part of being one of the leading installers for commercial electric comes from always making customer satisfaction our top priority. We are a reliable company that has been in business for several years and provides services to our residential and commercial clients any time they need, without hassle. We are experienced with Work Orders, prevailing wage compliance, insurance requirements, timelines and payment schedules associated with commercial work. Where other service providers of electric installation Sacramento fail to clean up well and completely lack customer service skills, yet still charge high prices, we provide the best customer service and the best electrical services from start to clean up, and all at competitive prices.

Monsters Electric pays attention to safety and durability when we undertake electric installation services. We won’t compromise on the quality of the materials we use. We only use materials that are of high quality from known manufacturers and that pass code requirements. We refuse to compromise the quality of our services for increased profit and always seek to provide our friendliest services at competitive rates for Sacramento. Monster Electric also completes your project on time and without hassle. Our polite and professional staff members ensure that we are providing the best electric installation services for your commercial property needs. Here are the main benefits of hiring us for your Sacramento electric installation needs. We believe we are the top quality electric installation Sacramento, because:

  • We provide efficient and reliable services
  • We have the best trained electrical service and installation team
  • Our staff members are all dedicated, polite and professional
  • We offer affordable electric installation and repair rates for Sacramento CA
  • We take precautions to guarantee safety and durability
  • We use only the best quality, approved materials for our services

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