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The wiring in your office needs to be checked from time to time. In your Sacramento office, you want perfect electric installations or necessary upgrades that will leave you free from any type of electric hazard.

Checking breaker boxes is necessary too for remaining safe in the future and having the proper amount of power to each piece of equipment in the work place. Our team at Monsters Electric offers dedicated service with electric upgrades in a timely manner. You will be able to return to using all electric systems without any hassle when we are done with your project.

If your Sacramento property needs essential commercial electric upgrade service, get it done by the professionals at Monsters Electric.

Get in touch with us for service information or rates. We are waiting to hear you and serve you. Many before you have trusted our service. We will not disappoint you and will give you safe and secured commercial electric upgrades for your place of business at an affordable cost for the Sacramento area.

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Necessary upgrading to your electrical systems shouldn’t be ignored. You should always check that the electric installations at your office are working perfectly. If wiring is not done correctly or has become worn over the years, sudden accidents may occur. Commercial electric upgrades for your Sacramento property need to be completed by professionals.

Different types of electric installations commonly vary from office to office, making commercial electric upgrades essential. Monsters Electric knows the most common types of electric upgrades needed. Our well-trained professionals are available to offer the best service for commercial electric upgrades in Sacramento CA. Here are some of the services we offer:
Upgrades for GFCI outlets: The GFCI or Ground Fault Circuit interrupter is widely used in bathrooms and kitchens. This circuit is used as shock and fire prevention device. By upgrading with this type of outlet you control the flow of current for both input and output. A GFCI outlet can ensure that everyone in your office is safe from any sudden accident occurring from electric shock. This upgrade has become a necessity in offices and homes and is required by code in some cases.

A GFCI will automatically cut off the power once it detects anything unusual between the flow of input and output current. With the help of our Sacramento commercial electric upgrades services, you can install this device in your garages or kitchens or bathrooms where the chance of mixing water with electricity is present.

Replacement of switches and outlets: Old and damaged outlets and switches can be extremely dangerous. Monsters Electric can check for any damage to switches on your switchboard. If any damaged switch or outlet is found, replacement is required. Likewise, if your office only has outdated two prong outlets, it is time to change to three prong outlets. This is because only a three-prong outlet can provide you with grounding, which is the current safety requirement for electric power. You can depend on Monsters Electric for up-to-code Sacramento commercial electric upgrades.

Replacement of aluminum wiring: Aluminum wiring was largely used decades ago but in recent years such wiring is not considered safe. If you have aluminum wiring in your office, It needs to be replaced as soon as possible with copper wiring for compliance with current and necessary safety measures.

Upgrade of electric service panels: Hardly anyone thinks to upgrade the electric panel installed at their commercial building, yet your electric service panel is one of the most significant parts of the electric installed at your building. Although this panel does not need to be upgraded as frequently, it still should be upgraded at least once in a decade (or sooner depending on the types or equipment you’re using in your building). It can be done with the help of Monsters Electric, the experts in Sacramento commercial electric upgrades.

Upgrades to outdoor lighting: Installation of different types of outdoor lighting is essential for keeping your offices safe and secured at night from intruders. Besides outdoor lighting, Monsters Electric can also install motion sensors and cameras to deter burglars from your office. There are so many varieties of lights to consider and Monsters Electric, the best commercial electric company in Sacramento is happy to help you determine what’s best for your commercial property.

Up-grades to AFCI: Are you starting to notice that the wiring at your commercial building gets overheated easily or that there are irregularities in power? If so, you will need professional electrical help from Monsters Electric, a reliable company for your Sacramento commercial electric upgrades.

We have professionals on our team who offer the best commercial electric upgrade services in Sacramento. Our experts are aware of the most recent methodologies used for all types of electric upgrades necessary for offices in Sacramento.

Each member of our team has years of experience in the field and has already served many clients successfully. We have the expertise needed for all types of replacement and upgrade work related to electric wiring and installations.

All of our team members receive continued training from time to time so they can remain up to date with technological and materials advancements. Our experts won’t compromise on quality and are always ready to offer the best service to our clients. We quickly respond to input and remarks from clients so we can guarantee their satisfaction and constantly improve our services. Our customers frequently refer their friends and family, which attests to the quality of our service.

We always take the necessary safety measures when completing any commercial electric upgrades so our clients and their property do not suffer any damage. We are timely and affordable with our services. We quickly attend to any request coming from our customers. As soon as we get your approval, we prepare to deliver your services as soon as we can.

By providing professional service every time, we have established ourselves as one the most trusted names in Sacramento for offering the best commercial electric upgrade services. You can call with your request for a bid any time. We always charge affordable rates for our high-quality services. We are efficient and honest. We also offer the best customer service. We guarantee our services are the best in the city.

We never charge any hidden fees. We carefully outline what is and isn’t included in our bids. Relying on our team of professionals for Sacramento commercial electric upgrades will always be your best option.

Commercial Electric Upgrade in Sacramento

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