Researchers at the University of Illinois, Xerion Advanced Battery Corporation and Nanjing University in China developed a method for electroplating lithium-ion battery cathodes, yielding high-quality, high-performance battery materials that could also open the door to flexible and solid-state batteries.ery materials that could also open the door to flexible and solid-state batteries.

Electroplating is a crazy concept so go read this article and give your opinion on electroplating.


Raspberry Pi AI Movement

AI projects for Raspberry Pi are all the rage these days. In fact, there are so many AI platforms vying for people to install them on their Raspberry Pis that it’s getting hard to keep up with all of them. There’s Amazon’s Alexa, IBM’s Watson, Apple’s Siri, and now Google Assistant has joined the world of AI on Raspberry Pi along with more programs that I probably didn’t notice.

Raspberry Pi

The usage of the Rasberry Pi is an easy to use system that many platforms are turning to and using more frequently. Read about how AI is using it to improve its normal standards.




Timeguard’s new innovation has brought them to the point of tinkering with which lights are better. This article speaks of the components behind that decision.Timeguard

Electrical Contracting Industry

Ei LiveWith the advancement of technology, this article speaks about the ways electrical contractors can get ahead. The article speaks about expanding the profiles of electrical contractors. Read and see what you think.